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Operation of Home Weather Stations

Let us help make your experience with home weather stations happy and rewarding.

An understanding of your local weather is very easy to obtain these days. From traditional thermometers and barometers to state of the art multi-sensor wireless weather stations, observing, interpreting and forecasting local weather patterns has never been simpler.

Many people have found that a strong understanding of weather derived from their home weather stations will spill over into broader interests in the natural world, because weather observation is not just a self-contained homebound pursuit.

At the very least, the combination of your observations with the articles in this growing site, will improve your weather predicting skills. Maybe to the point where it will help you to avoid some of those family outings ruined by unexpected changes in the weather.

Home weather stations, whether simple or sophisticated, provide information that is often not covered by weather forecasting or reporting services . To get the most enjoyment from your weather equipment, three major questions will need to be answered.

1. Which type of weather recording equipment will let you achieve your aims? - traditional; constantly recording but without a memory; or top of the range digital weather stations.

2. How to identify the best instruments to match your plans, at the best value.

3. How to make the most of your weather station by increasing your understanding of weather, including the relationship between weather and climate, and the causes of extreme weather events, such as tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes or severe electrical storms.

This site will help you to arrive at the answers you need to make informed decisions on all three points, and we promise that we will keep the technical talk to an absolute minimum. After all, you won't need to know the detailed physics of a temperature sensor to appreciate that the overnight outside temperature has just reached a record low.

But we don't intend to restrict the site just to home weather stations and your local weather. As your experience grows, so will your interest in the many ways weather shapes our lives on a regional or global basis. So you will also be able to find articles on;

1. Improving your weather forecasting skills by observation of wind directions and cloud types and patterns

2. Comparisons of internet and TV weather services - who provides the best information and content

3. The best sources of books, photos, posters, videos and DVDs on weather and extreme weather events

4. How, when and where to take great weather photos and videos of your own

5. Where to find the best children's educational material on weather (in the unlikely event that you can't answer all their questions yourself)

6. Information on some of the more specialised branches of weather forecasting such as marine and aviation weather

7. Up to date reviews on climate change and global warming

8. And some of the more technical subjects such as weather satellites, weather radar, and space weather.

Although the study of weather, or meteorology, is a fully fledged science, the fundamentals can be explained quite simply.

And that is what this site will do.

Interest in weather is almost universal, and the information gained from home weather stations, combined with relevant background knowledge, will provide you with a lifelong interest that just might take you in some unexpected and rewarding directions.

This site is a work in progress, and will continue to grow for many months to come. Call back occasionally and see how we are going. You'll always be welcome.

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