A Page For Miscellaneous Weather Thoughts

Well, who knows what you'll find here.

It's a page for occasional articles about some aspect of weather that doesn't quite fit in the subject matter of the rest of the site. which, not being very imaginative, I've called weather thoughts.

They could be anything, and we're starting off with two articles written by others - one on the need to consider weather, climate, microclimate and even natural disasters when Choosing Your Home, and another one on how Climatic Conditions can be so different as we trace the same parallel of latitude around the world.

The second article only scratches the surface - if we followed it through we would very quickly have a major climatology text.

It will be interesting to see how this page develops - let me know if you have any suggestions, or questions that could develop into articles for this part of the site.

That's enough for now - follow the links to the articles if they look interesting.

This link will take you back to the Top of the Weather Thoughts Page, or, when you're ready, here's how to return to the Home page.

But just before you move on...

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Last update 05/28/2011