WeatherHawk Weather Stations are Ideal for Challenging Environments

Industry grade components and robust construction used in WeatherHawk Weather Stations provide great reliability, particularly in remote locations. WeatherHawk Weather Stations, , manufactured by Campbell Scientific, provide the full range of outside weather information expected of a top line industrial or home weather station - temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and direction, and rainfall. And you can throw in solar radiation as well.

Both cable and wireless weather stations are available, and they are designed for long term reliability in harsh conditions, including coastal locations where salt may cause corrosion problems.

They are particularly suited to situations where access to the recorders is difficult or not always possible, and where reliability is essential. Their exceptionally long radio range of 5.5miles (almost 9km) when boosted can also solve coverage problems

Sensors for WeatherHawk Weather Machines The sensor unit is powered by a solar recharged battery, although AC recharging is also possible if necessary. The sensor package is designed for roof mounting, but ground mounting options are available.

Back up is excellent, and the WeatherHawk Weather Stations have a good record for reliability. They come with necessary interfaces for connection to a PC or Mac.

When you unpack yours, it will be factory assembled and pre-tested.

Very Nice, But is it Right for You?

The WeatherHawk Weather Station is comparable to stronger models produced by Rainwise (also suitable to severe coastal locations) and Davis, particularly the Davis Vantage Pro2, , and has a slightly greater radio range.

But it has some significant downside issues which require consideration.

Firstly, compared to the Rainwise and Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Stations, the WeatherHawk Weather Station is not quite as strong in recording range and resolution, and has no facility for recording inside temperature or humidity.

Secondly, it has no display console, and must be connected to your computer, which could be annoying at times.

And finally, the big problem is price* - $2240.00 (manufacturer's recommended retail) which, although including a roof mounting kit, computer connections and software, is much higher than the similar wireless weather stations from Davis and Rainwise.

Discounts can be found, but check carefully to make sure that what you are buying is a complete working unit. Ambient Weather is always worth checking

So although it is obviously designed as a reliable data collector for harsher than average conditions, and has a long unboosted communication range of a quarter to half a mile, (about 400 to 800m) depending on frequency, the value is hard to see.

Nevertheless, if your situation is marginal and requires a strong sensor array with long radio range, further investigation may be worthwhile.

And if, instead of a home weather station you are looking for a rugged reliable commercial or emergency weather station, then the WeatherHawk Weather Station should definitely be considered.

WeatherHawk Weather Stations are also widely used in automated home management systems, where weather information is used for tasks such as closing storm shutters or managing garden irrigation systems.

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If you are unlucky enough to be having some problems with your home weather station, visit the Troubleshooting page.

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Last update 12/05/2011