How to Expand your Weather Station Experience

Owning a weather station is only the start.

Observing and understanding weather is an open ended interest, and better understanding comes in two ways - from your own observations and by learning more aboutwhat you see.

"Watching Weather" is a newsletter that will help you do both. It will be totally free of ads, and your in box won't be overwhelmed, because it will only appear whenthere's something worth saying.

More about that later, because as a special introductionyou can download, at absolutely no cost, a 20 page special report on fixing weather station problems. It also includestips on how to look after your weather station to minimize downtime, no matter what the conditions are outside.

It's called...

Your Free 20 Page Report on Solving
the Most Common Weather Station Problems

and it's not available anywhere else. Don't worry if you haven't got a weather station, because there's quite a lot of background info which explains how weather works and the true meaning of much of the published weather information.

It comes with a free subscription to Watching Weather,which, while it will contain articles about getting themost enjoyment from a home weather station, covers a much wider range.

Subjects include

  • Some of the more interesting types of weather
  • New weather related products
  • Advances in weather data collection and quality such as better satellite imagery and radar definition
  • The latest news of developments in forecasting andclimatology
  • Unusual and different ways in which weather stations areused, and
  • Just about anything to do with weather lore and myths.

As always in weather, the sky's the limit.

All you need to do to receive the special report, and your subscription to Watching Weather, is to fill in thesimple form at the bottom of this page with your name andemail address. For your protection, you should receive a message asking you to confirm your subscription, together with the first issue of the newsletter,and instructions about downloading the report.

So join me now at Watching Weather.