The Oregon Weather Station - From Basic to Professional Systems

How do Oregon Weather Stations compare with other brands, and is there an Oregon Weather Station just right for you?

First up, the Oregon Weather Station range includes a strong selection of attractively designed display consoles/receivers, most of which can be wall or desk mounted. Almost all of them are excellent time keepers, and reset themselves every day through automatic radio contact with the atomic clock in Colorado (or the alternative clocks in Europe and the UK). Outdoor sensors are compact and attractive.

On a company level, Oregon Scientific is the American subsidiary of a multinational company, and is based, as you might expect, in Oregon. They have a strong record for quality, imagination and innovation in the field of small electronic instruments - as well as weather stations they manufacture digital cameras, voice recorders, clocks and telecommunications equipment. Retail support is strong, although some customers feel it could be improved.

Deciding on the best home weather station for you may take a bit of thought in this very competitive market, as there are a number of very good systems around. So let's take a close look at what to expect from an Oregon weather station, and see if we can narrow the field.

Keep in mind that although there is plenty to like in Oregon Weather Stations, there are other strong manufacturers and you may benefit from a wider search.

Like their main competitor, La Crosse Instruments, Oregon have a wide selection to choose from, although, also like La Crosse, it is not easy to find a model with every desirable feature. Don't let this put you off, at least until you have decided which features are necessary in your ideal home weather station.

And once again like La Crosse, prices have tumbled on much of their range in the past year. Home weather stations have never been so well priced.

Many of Oregon's weather stations can be linked to an Atomic Clock - a super accurate clock which through a radio link, updates your clock to the exact time once a day. You'll never be late again!

Atomic Clocks are located in the US, the UK and Germany, but, because the signal generated by each main clock is different, different models are required for each area. Models made for the US and Canada will end in "A", those for England and the rest of the UK in "U", while those designed for the rest of Europe have no letter at the end of the model number. In general, the model number given in following descriptions will be the one suitable for use in North America.

Oregon is also quite conscious of the potential of home weather stations as gifts, and some models have features, such as a colour display or fancy clocks, which may not appeal to searchers for no frills weather stations. Such features significantly add to the cost.

Oregon's website is quite strong on information and pictures of their equipment, so you should be able to find out everything you need to know. Just click on this Oregon Weather Stations link. Bear in mind that the prices you will see there, and those mentioned below, are the manufacturer's suggestions. Many retail outlets, particularly online, are offering excellent discounts. Amazon has heaps of good deals.

Check out eBay as well - current offers can be seen at the bottom of each page. New products are often available at set "Buy it Now" prices, but auctions still occur. When buying at eBay or anywhere else online check that the seller is also providing Oregon's guarantee on new items.

I'm getting ahead of myself. It's time to review just what Oregon has to offer.

The Oregon Weather Station range can be divided into three groups, from basic to comprehensive.

1. Basic Temperature Stations

Oregon EW93 Temperature Station Like La Crosse, Oregon produces basic temperature stations, often in the form of an optioned up alarm clock. Some will even project the time and temperature on your bedroom wall.

Indoor and outdoor temperatures are displayed, and some may have the capacity to monitor extra locations, such as a baby's room or outdoor aviary. Prices are well under $50.00, but these often elegant units are not exactly weather stations. You can find out more on the Oregon Temperature Stations page.

2. Temperature Humidity Stations

Oregon BAR388HG Temperature Humidity Station

One step up are the Oregon Temperature Humidity Stations - follow the link to find out more about the best models.

All have an external temperature/humidity sensor. The better models have a simple barometer built into the inside receiver. which allows them to provide basic short term weather forecasts, shown on the screen with appropriate icons. Some include temperature alarms and weather warnings, and some can handle data from up to five locations.

3. Complete Home Weather Stations

The top of the Oregon Weather Station range is occupied by four genuine weather stations with a full suite of sensors - temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed and direction, and rainfall through a self emptying rain gauge. Transmitter range is a useful 300 feet (91m).

Oregon calls these Professional Weather Stations, which may be stretching the language a little.

At the top of the range is the Oregon WMR200A - the link will take you to a page describing it in detail.

With a touch screen, seven forecast icons and a small memory which will handle a full days worth of data collected at 15 minute intervals, it is Oregon's most sophisticated home weather station.

Its price has tumbled recently, and although the listed price is $299.99 you should be able to find one for less than $250.00.

Oregon Weather Station WMR200AOregon Weather Station WMR100N


The other three Oregon Professional Weather Stations have their own page - follow the link.

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Summing Up

The prices of all Oregon models are very competitive, but beware. Consumer reviews are very mixed - if you get a good one and set it up properly you will probably be very happy, but the alternative will probably be a frustrating battle with Oregon's customer service department. They do provide support, but it can take time and reminders.

These are fairly complex instruments which come at a very low price, and quality control at the factory isn't always as good as it should be. But if you take time in setting them up, don't put the sensors too far away from the receiver, and spend a little more time on some preventative maintenance to prevent any water getting inside the sensors you should get good results.

They are good starter machines - enough to give you a taste for weather monitoring and recording your backyard microclimate while you save up for a more robust and informative home weather station, such as the Davis Vantage Vue.. Good luck.

The top of the Oregon Weather Station range would suit most people looking for an economical, reliable and accurate weather station.

The top of the Oregon Weather Station range would suit most people looking for an economical, reliable and accurate weather station.

However, I do suggest that you hold off on a decision until you have compared the stations available at La Crosse Technology and Davis Instruments. Both Oregon and La Crosse provide very similar ranges from temperature stations right through to fully featured home weather stations. Their flagship, top of the range models are quite similar in capability and price, and it probably comes down to a matter of personal choice.

Both focus on the first time owner, and tend to build their equipment to satisfy a price. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is fair to say that quality improves as the price goes up, and, if you have a higher budget, Davis looks to have better value fully functional weather stations. Would I buy an Oregon Weather Station? My answer is the same as for La Crosse, and it's "Yes". But that is on the understanding that they are neither toys nor robust commercial systems. They are both strong competitors in the market, and include several models which offer very good value, particularly to the first time owner or where funds are limited.

And no matter what home weather station you buy or own, its performance is only as good as the way it is set up.

The article on Setting Up. will help you identify just what your system will need to work around your home. You will also find that a little extra work at the beginning in weatherproofing moving parts, battery compartments and cable connections will pay off big time in minimizing or preventing problems in data transmission. The article on Troubleshooting will help.

Whatever your choice, you will have entered the exciting world of weather observation and recording.

Oregon is certainly an innovative company, and youmay care to check through their complete range at the Oregon Weather Station website. Many of their products are sold through giftshops, but you can always find a huge selection of Oregon Weather Stations at Amazon.

This link will take you back to the Top, or, when you're ready, here's how to return to the Home page.

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Oregon Home Weather Stations on eBay

Every one of these Oregon Home Weather Stations is available right now from eBay.

All the Weather Stations you can see in the following real time lists are available right now. See something you like? Then move fast and place your bid. If not, bookmark this page, because if what you're after isn't here now, it almost certainly will be later.

When you click on a link below you will be taken straight to an eBay page showing that item. All items will open in a new window, making it super easy for you to check any Oregon Home Weather Station that interests you.

I hope you find exactly what you need, at a super price.

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*Product links and pricing. The products I mention are, in my opinion, the best of the range in each category.But this doesn't mean they are just what you are lookingfor, and it is always worth following the link to the manufacturer's page.

But don't buy from there - in almost all cases muchbetter prices are available from both shopfront and internetbased retailers. At all times eBay and Amazon are worthchecking out, and you will notice many of the links go toAmazon.

Finally, I stand to make small commissions on some of the productsI recommend. A lot of work goes into building and maintaining asite like this, and I am not ashamed if I recoup some of the costs,and even make a little money on top.

That being said, I will and do recommend sellers where I will notmake anything for myself. One of these is Ambient Weather, a useful retail site with good supporting information. But if you visit there, don't forget to come back!

Last update 12/05/2011