Indoor - Outdoor Temperature Stations from Oregon Scientific. How Good Are They, And Which Will Suit You?

The Best Value Temperature Stations in Oregon's Range

Oregon Scientific make a large range of home weather stations, ranging up to fully functioned instruments that provide information on everything from temperature to wind direction. You can find out more about them at the main Oregon Weather Stations page.

But not everyone wants all that information, and it doesn't come cheap.

If all you wnat to know is how high or low the outside temperature is, a temperature station may be all you need. And you don't need to limit yourself to a single location - most good temperature stations give you the option of monitoring up to three remote sites, either indors, outdoors or a bit of both

Two Oregon models stand out.

Both can be connected to as many as three remote sensors, will alert you to freezing conditions outside, and will show minimum and maximum temperatures for the last 24 hours. Both can also be used as alarm clocks, with automatic daily time corrections from the Atomic Clock.

Oregon EW93 Temperature Station

And they can be obtained for around $30.00, which is good value.

Oregon Weather Station EW93.

The showcase unit in Oregon's "Elements" collection, the EW93 combines an easy to read display showing inside and outside temperatures plus the current time, updated each day by a signal from the Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. Apart from the features mentioned previously, this neat little instrument provides a basic weather forecast for the next 12 hours, 24 if you're lucky. You should be able to find one at a delivered price under $30.00.

RMR382A-BK Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Oregon RMR382A Temperature Station

The RMR382A is an older model - not quite as stylish but very functional. No weather forecasting with this one, but it will show you the trends in temperature, and you can set alarms for both high and low temperatures. This model appears to be being replaced by the Elements range, and you may be able to find it at ridiculously cheap prices. It comes in black (RMR382A-BK) or silver (RMR382A-S).

Summing up

The prices of all Oregon models are very competitive, but beware. Consumer reviews are very mixed - if you get a good one and set it up properly you will probably be very happy, but the alternative will probably be a frustrating battle with Oregon's customer service department. They do provide support, but it can take time and reminders.

And no matter what home weather station you buy or own, its performance is only as good as the way it is set up.

The page on Setting Up will help you work out just what you need to do to get your weather station to work around your home. A little extra work at the beginning in weatherproofing moving parts, battery compartments and cable connections will usually pay off big time in minimizing or preventing problems in data transmission. The article on Troubleshooting will help.

Whatever your choice, you will have entered the exciting world of weather observation and recording.

As you can see, Oregon is an innovative company, and you may care to check through their complete range at the Oregon Weather Stations website. Many of their products are sold through gift shops, but you can always find a huge selection of Oregon Weather Stations at Amazon.

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Last updated 05/28/2011