Need A Fast, Clear Weather Forecast, Or Something More?

Frequent, up to date weather forecasts are so easy to provide on the internet, and in a clear and easy to use way. But there'sfar more to the weather services available from numerous commercial organizations.

While almost all primary weather data comes from governmentorganisations like NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service (NWS) -other countries have different bodies - much of the informationis in a fairly raw form.

Quite a large number of commercial weather services have formedin recent years to convert the raw weather information into a form that is easy to understand at a glance. You can find these forecasts at the weather service's website, where itmay be supported by all sorts of other information includingarticles by in house meteorologists, radar displays andsatellite imagery.

Or you can download a small piece of software, and display a short form of weather forecast on your desktop or toolbar.

And then you can check your home weather station and see whether you agree, or can improve on the officialweather forecast.

This section of this website is just beginning - it willinclude reviews of forecasting services, plus a surprisingrange of less widely available services which providea more specialized version of weather predictions andinformation. These include short and long range weatherforecasts for agriculture and many other services includingforensic weather for use in legal investigations and defences.And then there's the related fields of weather forecasts foraviation and boating.

So bookmark this page and check back occasionally to seewhat's new.

For now, let's begin with articles on Online Weather Forecasts, and The Weather Channel.

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Last update 12/07/2006