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From time to time I write an article on weather, home weatherstations, or related subjects. They are published around theinternet for anyone to read and use (with some slight restrictions). I've posted them here as an extra resource.

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And now, enjoy the articles. Handling a Hurricane, Part 1 - The Threat of a Hurricane - Are You At Risk?

For sustained violence, no form of weather beats a major hurricane. With wind speeds which may exceed 155mph (240 kph), torrential rain, destructive waves and storm surges which can raise sea level by 20 feet or more, their power is enormous, and they should never be taken lightly.

Handling a Hurricane; Part 2 - Preparing For and Surviving an Approaching Hurricane

Hurricanes are a fact of life for anyone living near thesouthern Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean coasts of North America. Damage, disruption and evacuation are inevitable if a big hurricane arrives, but here are some waysto minimize its effects on your life and property.

What To Look For in a Home Weather Station

Whenever something interesting, dangerous or even disastrous happens with the weather, many people think about getting a home weather station, just to give them some peace of mind about what's happening outside to give them a little more information about what's happening outside.

Seven Common Questions About Home Weather Stations (And Their Answers)

Interested in the weather, including the effects it may have on your home, garden and day to day activities? Have you considered a personal home weather station? Read on to find out just what they can do for you.

Handling Weather Emergencies. Part 1; Forward Planning Makes The Difference

Severe weather or its results, like floods and wildfires, can strike at any time. Here's a guide to developing an effectiveplan to help you face and survive a weather emergency, and return to normal when it's over.

Handling Weather Emergencies. Part 2; Home Security, Evacuation and Emergency Kits

A weather related emergency can develop very quickly. Advance planning will help you secure your home, and handle the dramaof evacuation or isolation. This short guide will help you handle the problems calmly and competently, and reduce the inevitable stress.

Staying Safe When There's Lightning Around

Lightning is responsible for more weather fatalities than any other weather event apart from floods. Yet most lightningcasualties are avoidable.

Staying Safe in the Tornado Season
Staying safe in the tornado season is easier with good preparation. Early warnings, safe shelters, and a few contingency plans improve your chances of survival immensely.

Can Rain Makers Really Make It Rain?

Whenever and wherever there is a drought, people's thoughts turnto ways of making it rain, and often rainmakers are considered.Can rainmakers bring rain? And what forces must be overcome forthem to be successful?

The Sundial Part 1 - Garden Ornament or Exotic Timepiece?

Sundials are among the oldest ways of keeping time, and have theadded advantage of being an attractive outdoor feature. Find outhow accurate they are as timekeepers, and how to make sure yoursundial is more than just an ornament.

The Sundial, Part 2 - The Perfect Garden Sundial

Sundials are an attraction in many gardens, but they don'thave to be just decorative. Find out how to select andinstall your sundial so that it fulfills its originalfunction as an accurate time keeper.

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