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My name is Graham McClung and I live in Lismore, a small city in New South Wales on the east coast of Australia, not far south of the Queensland border.

By training I am a geologist. I'm not sure whether (no pun intended) I became a geologist because of my love for the outdoors, or whether that grew with the career.

Whatever the reason, weather is part of the outdoor experience, and the more I saw of the changing sky and weather conditions, the more I wanted to understand the causes, particularly of the more spectacular events.

One way to improve weather understanding is by recording the changes in the main components of the "feel" of the weather -- temperature,humidity, wind and precipitation. This can be done easily at home with some form of weather station.

Hence this website.

But even in the early days of building these pages, the concept of the site is changing. It will probably continue to change as I wander down the many paths which reveal themselves as I follow up questions about weather.

And that is where you can help.

What would you like to see on these pages? Is there a particular facet of the weather that you would like to know more about?

Don't restrict yourself to questions or suggestions about the capabilities or technology of home weather stations. Already I can see this website covering a much wider field.

I would also appreciate any comments you may have about the site, and please let me know of any errors you have noticed.

My aim is to make these pages as useful and interesting as possible, and you will help me in these aims by contributing your thoughts on the short form below.

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Your personal and email details will remain confidential. No private information will ever be sold or given to any third party.

Best Regards,

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