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Your Guide to the Selection, Set Up and Enjoyment of Home Weather Stations
We solve problems with selection and operation of Home Weather Stations. Let us help make your home weather station experience happy and rewarding.

Finding Your Ideal Home Weather Station; Your Options
There has never been a better time to buy a home weather station. Here's how to evaluate the options and find the best home weather station for you.

Careful Weather Station Set Up is Critical to Long Term Enjoyment
Careful weather station set up is the key to rewarding weather observation. Time spent in preparation will save you from future problems and frustration.

Lightning Detectors Provide Early Thunderstorm Warning and Save Lives
How do Lightning Detectors Save Lives? Good lightning detectors, used sensibly, greatly reduce the risk of personal lightning strike by providing timely warning of approaching thunderstorms.

  • Lightning Trackers
    Following Thunderstorms With Lightning Trackers. Your own equipment or free and paid internet lightning trackers - you can stay on top of storm development, speed and behaviour.

Weather Radio Facts and Reviews
How to Select the Best Weather Radio for Your Needs. Selecting the right weather radio is easy, once you know how the service works and which radio features are the most useful.

  • Weather Radio Service
    What Is The USA Weather Radio Service? How can you use Weather Radio to protect you and your family?

Understanding Extreme or Severe Weather with your Home Weather Station
Severe weather events - when weather becomes more than a talking point. Here's how you can use your home weather station to understand and predict extreme or severe weather

Severe Winter Weather - Storms, Freezes, and Floods
Don't let winter weather lows get you down. Severe winter weather provides much interest for the home weather station owner when the weather closes in..

Hot Weather - Heat Waves, Droughts and Fires
Hot weather - is it heat or humidity that wears us out? Hot weather affects us most when humidity and temperatures stay high. But droughts and fires thrive on dry air.

  • Heat Waves - Weather's Silent Killer
    What causes heat waves, and why are they dangerous? Heat waves are a poorly recognised form of severe weather, but rate second in weather related causes of death.

  • Living With Drought
    How long will this drought go on? A drought tends to perpetuate itself, but in time a stronger weather system will break the circuit and good times will return.

  • Facts About Fire Weather
    Should a fire weather warning worry you? Fire weather won't concern most city dwellers, but understanding it could be critical to people living in a rural environment.

Weather Reports And Climate Information
What Are Weather Reports And Climate Information Based On?. Here are the real sources of your weather forecasts.

Commercial Weather Services
Need A Fast, Clear Weather Forecast, Or Maybe Some Specialized Weather Predictions? Weather forecasts and information are among the internet's strengths.

  • Internet Weather Forecasts
    Need An Up To Date Weather Forecast In A Hurry? Internet weather forecasts are the answer.

  • Weather Channel Review
    Need A Weather Forecast Fast? Try the Weather Channel, where weather forecasts are only the beginning.

Weather Thoughts
A page for occasional articles about weather that don't quite fit in with the subject matter of the rest of the site.

  • Home Buying And Weather
    Don't Forget Weather When Choosing Your New Home. Try to consider year round changes in sun, shade and rainfall, and don't forget nasties like floods.

  • Weather And Latitude
    Same Latitude, Same Weather? No Way. Although the equator and the pole may be the same distance away, weather can change remarkably at the same latitude. Here's Why.

Weather Station Articles
A Selection of Weather and Weather Station Articles, Collected From Around the Net

Useful Resources
Like to know more about weather? Here are the most useful and interesting weather sites I've found (so far).

More Weather Sites
These smaller sites are also valuable sources of weather information. Check out some of the links (but don't forget to come back)

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Even more links, including some which have helped me during the building of this site.

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