And Now For Something a Little Different

An Oregon Weather Station may be just what you want to bring the outside weather records indoors, but Oregon are branching out.

Oregon have a long history of innovation, and have often taken the lead in developing new features for their products. They were the leaders in linking the US Atomic Clock into the time keeping functions of many of their products, including weather stations. This means that every day, through a radio signal from the Atomic Clock in Colorado, the clocks on Oregon products are reset to US standard time (allowing for timezones and daylight saving).

They have also developed touch screen models, and products that use voice activation. While some of these are a little gimmicky, there is no doubt that Oregon are capable of considerable creative thought, and it shows on the margins of the Oregon Weather Station range.

Let's take a look at what they've come up with.

So When is a Weather Station not a Weather Station?

Oregon is certainly testing the limits of the concept of the weather station. And I don't just mean the combination of temperature or humidity stations with alarm clocks, including ones which project the information on the bedroom wall.

Neither do I mean hand held weather stations, usually limited to temperature and wind speed, or rain gauges which transmit their data to inside consoles, but don't record anything else. These kinds of instruments either are, or will be, covered elsewhere on this website.

One very sensible idea from Oregon is a combination weather station and weather radio. This is also discussed on the Weather Radio page. Weather radio sets are a USA concept, where weather warnings are broadcast on special radio frequencies and picked up on purpose built or modified radio receivers.

With their WRB308, Oregon have combined a temperature humidity station with a weather radio plus stand and recharger. I have not yet seen it at retail outlets, but I'm sure that will come. It's a great idea, although the $149.95 price may seem high.Check it out at the Oregon Weather Stationsite.

No doubt we'll see the price drop over coming months. It is also available under the John Deere brand, but at about $25.00 more.

And how about a weather station with no outside sensors? Check out the WMS801. This one is for those who want to be up to date with their local weather but don't want the hassle of setting up their own station.

This little device receives frequent signals from MSN weather and displays the data on a console like any normal weather station, but none of it comes from immediately outside your window.

Added information includes three day forecasts, warnings, chance of precipitation, phases of the moon, and much more.

It does record and display inside temperature and calculates comfort levels, but overall I guess its a weather station you have when you don't have a weather station. It's relatively new, costs $199.95 from Oregon, and must be fairly popular because last time I checked it was out of stock. You can find out moreat this Oregon Weather Station page.

As you can see, Oregon is an innovative company, and you may care to check through their complete range at the Oregon Weather Station website. Many of their products are sold through gift shops, but a great alternative is to obtain your Oregon Weather Station through Amazon. Apart from products sold by Amazon itself, you are likely to find several online and street front retailers using Amazon as an additional outlet. Most products sold through Amazon come with the same guarantees you will find elsewhere.

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Last update 12/05/2011