Like to Know More About Weather?

Here are the most useful and interesting weather sites I've found (so far). Come back occasionally to see what's been added.

Official and Semi-Official Sites

The major entry pages for US weather and weather emergencies.

National Weather Service Home Page
The place to start for weather information.

NWS Offices
Links to local National Weather Service Offices. Find yours and bookmark it.

NOAA Storm Reports
Almost real time reports of severe storms from on the ground observers.

Hydrologic Information Center
The place to go for up to date flood information.

National Hurricane Center Website Home and Charts
Current information on hurricanes. Download a chart and do your own tracking.

National Hurricane Center Archives Site
Resource site for comprehensive information on previous hurricanes.

Storm Prediction Center
The nerve center for study and prediction of severe thunderstorms, including tornadoes, other strong winds, and hail.

CWOP - Citizen Weather Observer Program Want to contribute to America's weather observation, recording and forecasting effort? All you need is a weather station, a computer, and membership of CWOP. Click above to find out more.

Severe And Extreme Weather

These pages contain detailed information on the more severe and dangerous types of weather

Frequently Asked Questions About Tornadoes
Very informative article about tornadoes from the Storm Prediction Center.

Questions (and Answers) About Derechos
Comprehensive information about these poorly understood destructive winds.

Winter Storm Resource Centre - Understanding Winter Storms
Information source about the many forms of winter storms.

NOOA Heat Wave Pages
Very useful treatment of the causes and dangers of heat waves.

The Best of General Weather

NOOA Photo Library
Huge collection of photos covering all of NOAA's sections. The weather category includes both current and historical material. Bookmark it and be prepared for a long stay.

Hurricane Hunters
Entertaining and informative site about those guys who fly planes into hurricanes.

The Weather Doctor
Packed with articles about weather by an ex meteorologist. Well written and entertaining.

WW2010 (The Weather World 2010 Project)
Educational site covering many aspects of weather and meteorology.

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Home Weather Stations Online

Part of the WeatherUSA network, this site includes links to home weather stations, lightning detectors and weathercams.

Weather Emergencies

Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness
FEMA publication with important advice about what to do if faced by an emergency, including those resulting from severe weather.

Weather Glossaries

American Meteorological Society Glossary
An extremely comprehensive glossary of the terms used in describing and understanding weather Glossary
Useful glossary from Not as comprehensive as the one listed above, but easier to navigate.

Weather Forums

The forums below are all well run and cover all aspects of weather.

WeatherMatrix: Weather Forums - Forum

Weather Forum
Your year round weather community

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Last update 05/28/2011