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These links include those which are less strongly focused on weather, or lead to sites which have helped me during the building of these pages.

You will find the best weather pages, many of them owned by governmental organisations, under the title Useful Resources. Other weather and weather station related links can be found on the Home Weather Station Links page.

Clothing and Equipment For Extreme Weather

No special clothing is needed for warm weather, but when the temperature's down and the wind's up it's a different matter. Just click below for valuable info.

Thermal Clothing, Polypropylene Underwear And Extreme Cold Weather
The United States Military spares no expense when preparing our troops for training and battles. Let their cold weather technology go to work for you.

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Gardening and Landscaping Sites

Home weather stations and gardens work very well together - don't let all that wind and sun go to waste! Here are some places to go when gardening is on your mind.

Garden Decor
We carry a large selection of unique and exquisite garden decor at discount and wholesale prices. You'll find water fountains, garden sculptures, garden furniture, birdhouses, bird feeders, plant stands, wind chimes and a host of garden accents.

Greenhouse Heating, Greenhouse boilers, Greenhouse Floor Heating, Greenhouse Bench Heating
TrueLeaf Technologies has been heating and irrigating greenhouses for over 20 years. A full spectrum of solutions is available, each heating system precision engineered for your specific needs.

Bird Baths, Bird Houses, Bird Feeders Bird Bath and Beyond - Unique collection of bird feeders, bird houses and backyard products at low prices and fast delivery. Shop, easy!

Animal Figurines
Our animal figurines will make exquisite additions to your figurine collection. Whether your looking for safari animals, farm animals, or wildlife animals, you'll find it here. We carry a unique and wide selection of discount priced animal figurines.

We carry a large selection of decorative garden suncatchers at discount and wholesale prices. You'll find beautiful suncatchers that add a touch of beauty and elegance to your garden or yard.

Home 'n Gifts - Home Decor And Gifts
Home 'n gifts is a one-stop shop for all your household and gift giving needs. They carry a large selection of housewares, giftwares, home furnishings, home decor, collectibles, garden, jewelry, toys and tools.

Wind Chimes
The soothing sound of wind chimes can be heard around your home and garden with an exquisite and uniquely designed set of these music makers. Our wind chimes are designed to last and are available at discount and wholesale prices.

Wind Chimes | Wind Harps | Brackets | Hangers
Beautiful handcrafted, precision tuned wind chimes and wind harps made in the USA. Large selection - many with volume adjustments and built-in hooks.

Valuable Website Building Resources

#1 Free Link Exchange Directory On The Web - Link Market
Have you ever tried to exchange links, swap links, or trade links? Was it hard? Use link market instead; - it is easy to use, free and very smart. It will save you hours of work.

Hobbies And Activities, Mostly Outdoors

Topographic Maps
Offers USGS DRG (Digital Raster Format) topo maps of the United States

Hobby Crafts and Models - All about hobbies, crafts and models, also about collectibles and all those other great pastimes from radio controlled cars to stamp collecting and metal detecting.

Great Gear for Indoors - for Night Time or When the Weather's Miserable

Home Theater Projector
Learn how to setup your dream home theater by following our tips and advice.

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