More Flood Resources

A few pages on a website ( Part 1 - Floods and Causes of Floods ) may be enough to give a general guide to how floods develop, what causes them, their power to destroy lives and property, and how flood forecasts work. But it is impossible to do the power and tragedy of a flood justice in such a limited amount of space.

Fortunately there are several other resources which will go a long way towards expanding your knowledge and appreciation of floods - most notably DVDs, Videos and books.

Floods are not the most popular subject for videos and DVDs, but while the quantity is low the quality is very good.

A&E and the History Channel

Material from these pages is the most varied, and this applies to most weather topics. Older material may only be available on video, while later productions are on DVD or both.

Among the topics are

The first three of these titles are only available on VHS, the last only on DVD.

Also worth considering is the double DVD set called Nature's Fury DVD Set. Only a small section is devoted to floods - in this case flash floods - but the whole package includes hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, nor'easters, blizzards and tsunamis. Some of these topics are hard to find anywhere else.

Discovery Channel Store

Only one flood video/DVD here but it's a good one. Flood Of The Millennium is the story of the 1997 Red River flood, which wrecked Grand Forks, North Dakota but left the neighbouring Fargo almost untouched. This dramatic 1hr 40min DVD is a comprehensive coverage of a 1 in 500 year flood.

The link won't take you straight to the video, but you'll find it quickly if you enter "flood" into the search box, click go, then click on the thumbnail image for Flood Of The Millennium when it loads.


Amazon has quite a few weather videos but not much on floods. Still, things change quickly there and it is always worth a look.

But when it comes to books it's a different matter. There's heaps of books and articles on floods, for all ages, but you'll find the ones which impressed me (and many others) in this list:- Great Books About Floods . Disasters get their share of coverage, but there are other topics covered, including some top children's books on the subject. Back to the Top, or return to the Home page.

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Last update 05/25/2011